Right click drag on iPad Pro keyboard trackpad not working



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    Justin Ross

    It’s not ideal, but a … workaround, I guess, that I’ve found, is two-finger clicking for right-click, then moving one of the fingers before moving the second to drag. Not sure why this works, but it usually does. 

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    Kevin CFY

    Thanks Justin! I didn't get a notification on your reply, but it's continued to bae an issue so I'm glad I checked the thread again :)

    THIS WORKS! I had to play with my timings a bit, but I get most success by two-finger clicking, waiting a beat, then moving one of the fingers around.

    It's not ideal as you say but not a massive pain either. It does let me do a lot more from my iPad. I did raise this as a support ticket too and they suggested that a two-finger click-drag is not an accepted gesture on an iPad trackpad which may suggest why this workaround is necessary.

    Thanks for this!

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