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Jump Desktop Support Mar 28 Troubleshooting

Jump Desktop 7.0 for Android drops backwards compatibility with the older version of automatic setup. Users using automatic setup must upgrade their remote computers to Jump Desktop Connect .

If you've upgraded to Jump Desktop 7.0 and haven't updated to Jump Desktop Connect on the remote computer, it will appear 'offline' when you try to connect. If you don't have physical access to the remote computers then follow these steps to re-gain access to the computers and upgrade to Jump Desktop Connect remotely:

How to remotely update to Jump Desktop Connect

  1. Sideload Jump Desktop 5.0 for Android using the attached file. To learn how to side load APKs please follow the steps here: https://www.ubergizmo.com/how-to/how-to-install-apk-files-sideloading-on-android/ 
  2. Connect to your computers using Jump Desktop 5.0 and upgrade each computer to Jump Desktop Connect by opening the following link on the remote computer: https://jumpdesktop.com/go . Follow the steps there.
  3. Once all the computers have been upgraded reinstall Jump Desktop 7.0 for Android from the Amazon or Google Play Store and you should see all your computers back online.

If you have trouble with this please contact support@jumpdesktop.com

Jump Desktop Support October 28, 2015 11 Troubleshooting

Updated March 26th 2016: Jump Desktop 7.0 for Android has been released to the Google Play store. Please update to 7.0 on your Android device and update to Jump Desktop Connect - it should resolve any issue you're hitting. 

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Updated Jan 14th 2016: Jump Desktop 7.0 Beta for Android has been released. It fixes the crashing issue. For instructions on how to opt into the beta visit: http://support.jumpdesktop.com/entries/107694613

If you're using Jump Desktop 5.0 for Android, then you might experience a crash when trying to connect to automatic connections after upgrading to Jump Desktop Connect on the remote PC/MacWe're working on a new Android update for Jump Desktop that will fix this issue (free for existing users). In the meantime please follow the instructions below to work around the issue:

  1. Uninstall Jump Desktop Connect.
    1. Windows: Open up the "Add / Remove Programs" control panel applet and uninstall Jump Desktop Connect.
    2. Mac: Open up Jump Desktop Connect and then click the settings icon on the top right. Then click Uninstall. 
  2. Re-install the legacy Jump Desktop automatic setup component:
    1. Windows: https://jumpdesktop.com/downloads/JumpDesktopInstaller.exe
    2. Mac: https://jumpdesktop.com/downloads/JumpDesktop.dmg

 Edit: Fixed Windows download link typo.

Jump Desktop Support October 23, 2015 8 Troubleshooting

If you've updated to Jump Desktop 7.0 for iOS or Jump Desktop 6.0 for Mac, then you might have trouble connecting to computers running an older version of the automatic setup component. To fix this please make sure you upgrade the remote computers to the new Jump Desktop Connect app. Jump Desktop Connect replaces the older automatic setup component and updating to it should fix all connectivity issues with Jump Desktop 7.x for iOS and Jump Desktop 6.x for Mac. To update the remote computer simply visit https://jumpdesktop.com/go on the remote computer and follow the instructions there. 

Android users: If you're connecting to your computers using Jump Desktop for Android please do not update to Jump Desktop Connect yet. There is a known issue with the current Android production release - we'll be releasing a new update for Android soon that resolves the issue with Jump Desktop Connect.

A little more information: In Sept 2015 we released Jump Desktop 7.0 for iOS and Jump Desktop 6.0 for Mac with a complete rewrite of how automatic connections work. In addition to this we also released a new automatic setup component called Jump Desktop Connect that replaces the old automatic setup component going forward. Please update your remote PCs and Macs to Jump Desktop Connect ASAP as we've dropped support for the older automatic setup components. 

The new Jump Desktop Connect app does everything the old automatic setup component did and has these additional features:

  • You can now give multiple users access to the same computer. Previously you had to share the same account between all users. It's much simpler now - just add each user's account to Jump Desktop Connect on the remote computer. Very useful for tech support or when multiple family members / co-workers need access to the same computer. 

  • Truly unlimited number of computers per account. Virtually limitless number of computers can now be managed using the same account (previously we were limited to Google's 10 login limit per account).

  • Connect from places where Google is blocked: Surprisingly Google is blocked in a lot of places: Schools, offices, all of China. Well you don't need to worry about it anymore, because we don't use Google servers!

  • Doesn't require a Google account anymore. You can sign up and login using any old email address.

  • Stronger encryption

  • Auto updates in the background: The latest and greatest version without needing to manually log in and apply updates - unless of-course you enjoy manually updating Jump on all your computers, in which case you can disable automatic updates. 

  • And also: Fluid Remote Desktop...


Jump Desktop Support April 15, 2010 Misc

Jump Desktop Support April 15, 2010 Guides

Jump's user interface is designed to be very simple and intuitive. Here is what you need to know to get started:

Gesture Tutorial


click tap
double click double tap
right click long tap or two finger tap
left mouse drag 2 quick taps and drag (don't lift your finger up after the 2nd tap - like on a trackpad)
scroll wheel two finger vertical swipe
zoom pinch
quickly show or hide keyboard three finger tap
Thumb.png Tap and slide inside the circle for precision mouse positioning and clicking.
keypad.png Show the Keypad on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Use the Keypad to access arrows, function keys, shortcuts. Swipe to show the next set of keys. You can also use a three finger double tap to switch between the keypad and keyboard


Recommended reading: Full input guide for Jump on the iPad


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