No computers listed for Jump Desktop Viewer (Beta) on Windows 8.1



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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi Jim,

    We've just created a new trouble shooting article to help fix this problem:

    Let me know if it helps.

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    Jim Nohr

    I have 2 computers installed with Jump Desktop using a Gmail account. One is a Windows 7Professional and the other is a Windows 10. On my iPhone I am able to logon and have both computers listed. However when I installed Jump Desktop Viewer (Beta) for Windows then logged on using same credentials, nothing is listed. I tried this on a Windows 7 desktop and Windows 10 same symptoms;  I had our IT guy who has used this with several customers make sure I was doing it properly and we have the same result.  Something is up with the Windows version.

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    Rima Startextile

    New account here, having the same issue.  Just installed on WIndows 10 64-Bit with newest version of Jump Connect and the Jump Viewer,  Fluid is enabled and I'm only getting the "Add a Computer" message on Jump Viewer.  

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