Computer list is different between devices



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    Glenn Kroll

    I have a similar issue.  I added a VNC connection to a Raspberry Pi via the Jump on my iPhone app.  I used the same gmail identity to logon to Jump Desktop on my Windows 10 machine but do not see the Raspberry Pi listed (other Windows & Macs DO show up).

    I wasn't able to find a want to even manually add the Raspberry Pi to Jump Desktop on Windows.



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    Jump Desktop Support

    1. At the moment automatic connection entries (via the Jump Desktop Connect app) are synced automatically on all platforms. 

    2. Manual connections entries can only be synced if you use Jump's iCloud / Dropbox syncing option on the Mac: Jump Desktop -> Preferences -> Sync. On iOS you can turn on iCloud syncing by tapping the settings icon on the top left then tap 'Computer List' -> Save in iCloud. We don't have Dropbox syncing support on the Mac. On Android we don't have a good solution for syncing of the connections at the moment. This will change in the near future though.

    3. On all platforms: You can manually export and import an archive of all your connections. This will include all your connections (manually defined and automatic connections): On Mac click File -> Export. On iOS: Tap settings -> Computer Lists -> Export. The resultant file will a be .jdz file which you can then import on any platform. The archive file does not contain account passwords.


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    Randall Hube

    Syncing seems to be very messed up for me.  I have 3 Macs (call them A, B, and C)  and am syncing to iCloud on all 3 machines.  But only 2 servers show up in iCloud.  The 3rd briefly appeared and then immediately disappeared from iCloud.  When I view computers on my 3 systems: Machine A says it sees 1 computer and shows 1. Machine B says it sees 2 computers and shows 2 computers.  Machine C says it sees 4 computers but shows only 2 computers.  Have no idea how to fix this.


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