General: Can I connect without a password?




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    Ryan Evans

    Well this pretty much means the app is worthless to me. I'll be requesting a refund. 

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    Jump Desktop Support (Edited )

    Updated: We've released the screen sharing feature.

    Old response:

    Hi Ryan,

    Sorry to hear that the current version of Jump doesn't work for your use case. We're working on a new release (ETA very soon), where Jump can connect to desktops without using passwords; it will allow you to ask the currently logged in user if it's okay to connect and start a screen sharing session. Do you think this would work better for you? 


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    I'm feeling similarly. I don't even mind using a password. But, there is no faq/ how to, to help set up what is needed for someone using this software who isn't fully knowledgeable with vnc or rdp. If those protocols even would do what I am hoping.

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    Jump Desktop Support


    You generally don't need to setup RDP or VNC - just use Fluid Remote Desktop - it's the easiest, fastest way to get started. RDP and VNC usually require extra networking knowledge to setup. Just try this: On your machine visit: and click the 'Automatic Setup' link and follow the instructions. Thats basically it - you should be up and running in no time.

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