Update on Windows RDP Support



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    Jump Desktop Support


    Just want to say that we've just released the first Windows beta with RDP support.

    Download the beta using this link: https://jumpdesktop.com/downloads/jdwin/JumpDesktop- .

    Tip: Click Help -> Whats New to learn about whats new in this release.

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    I'm using Jump for Android, Mac (and used to use Windows)

    But since the RDP removal action, the Windows version has become unusable.


    So I agree, in December 2016 your support said:



    We're actively working on re-adding RDP support to Jump Desktop for Windows right now. RDP support will land in the next update.


    When's the next update coming?


    How hard could it be to support "RDP" on windows when all other version supports it?



    Don't the other versions use the same infrastructure?

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    Ed Matrak

    Agreed. I think after waiting so patiently for this we deserve a real update on what is going on instead of just lip service. I think I'm ready to move on and just find some other Remote Desktop service. I just liked the apps and already had an investment in this product. Please guys, just let me know when this fluid nightmare will come to an end so I don't have to leave the platform.

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    Dave White

    I've avoided 'VNC" like the plague for over a decade, celebrating the magic of citrix and RDP with flawless clipboards, remote USB devices, excellent audio and the ability to attach remote drives.

    Thanks to Fluid Desktop, I feel like I'm back in the 80's..

    Why do you hate us so much? What have we done to you?


    What are the alternatives at the moment?  I've use the horrifying 'splashtop',  I've used iTeleport and even the Wyse Remote desktop which doesn't seem to be available any longer.  Only Jump genuinely allowed me to use a clean, full featured RDP client on a PC, by essentially setting up a VPN, and launching microsoft remote desktop locally.

    I've tried to work around this with a linux box I can 'ssh' into in order to "VPN" into my home network to get RDP, but I would *really* like Jump to work as it used to.

    I have old copies if the client, and server, but I can't roll back my iPhone/iPad apps, so they are useless.

    When will this be fixed?


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    Ed Matrak

    Checking In again to see if Jump can provide some update to this.....

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    Ed Matrak

    Thank you. This has just made my week.

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    Jerome van der Linden

    So, is there a fix / release for Jump to use on an iPad to access a Windows RDP secure Gateway (which in a Windows world requires a certificate to be installed) for situations where the standard RDP port (3389) has been disabled due to hacking attempts?


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