General: Connecting to RDP Remote Resources or Remote Apps




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    Selwyn Collins

    I am confused: You said


    1. Open up a web browser (i.e. Safari) on your Mac/Android/iOS device. Then browse to the URL for the remote resource (should start with http:// or https://). You may be asked to log in - use your network / company credentials to log into the website."

    Which URL?

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    Jump Desktop Support

    Hi Selwyn,

    The URL is for the remote desktop web access server (RD Web Access) which you usually log into to launch your remote desktop apps.

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    Robson Carvalho

    I wasn't able to import the connection. After I opened with Jump Desktop, it started the connection to remote resource and didn't show the icon on the connection list. Could you lead me in how to setup properly the connection and save the icon for future access?

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