Windows: Jump Desktop for Windows doesn't list all computers




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    Jim Nohr

    After switching to Fluid it shows the computer.  When logging in the remote computer changes to Win7 colors and on my local machine I get a black window that just cycles a circle.  I never actually gain control of the computer.

    Do I need to be logged out of my session?  I have apps open and I'm just logging in where I left off.

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    Rima Startextile

    Fluid was enabled by default on our WIndows 10 Pro PC on a Domain, installed everything brand new just now and the computer is not showing up in viewer. Please help!

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    Anton Vilinskiy

    PC (win7) says "ready for remote access", but not showing up in the list of available connections, other PCs fine. Firewall off, Fluid Remote Desktop enabled. Tried another gmail account but same issue with this particular pc. ???

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    Brad Wright (Edited )

    Within Jump Desktop Viewer (Beta) I can see two of the workstations I have the JumpDesktop Connect (client) installed on but neither shows the "Connect" button. 

    I have reinstalled the client on both computers and rebooted each, however neither will connect.

    I CAN hit to see the error 404 page. 

    Please advise.


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    I am having the same issue. Every computer I have added in the last month will not appear on my list. I go to JumpDesktop Connect, download the installer. Log in, and see my account listed, but then the PC doesn't appear in my list.

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