iOS: Physical Keyboard Support and Macros




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    David C

    Thank you for developing this app. I just bought it last night and am amazed with its performance.

    My question: I am using the Apple Smart Keyboard on an iPad Pro 12.9-inch. I am grateful for how you mapped the Home, End, PgUp, and PgDown keys. However, I cannot get the same version of these combinations while holding the Shift key. I do plenty of programming and to me, having the ability to hit Shift + Home or Shift + End to select an entire line of text is essential. however, if I do this with your app the effect is actually weirdly unpredictable. 

    Can you please add a fix for this or tell me whether I'm doing something wrong?

    Because of this behavior I decided to turn off the Macros option for the moment.

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    I am using smart keyboard and I cannot find a combination for a question mark (?).

    Is there any way to type question mark with a smart keyboard?


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